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Visit Car dealership in Czech Rep or Slovak Rep

PoslaťNapísal: Uto Jan 27, 2015 5:48 pm
od Ewoud

I'm working for a Global Mystery Shopping company based in The Netherlands.
Mystery shopping is a tool to measure quality of service or to gather specific information about products and services.

Soon we will start with mystery visits at Mazda dealerships in Czech Republic and in Slovak Republic. During this visit you will showing interest in a specific model from Mazda and you will have a sales talk with the salesperson.
We are performing these visits to improve the quality of services at the dealerships and it would be great to work together with people who are interested in Mazda. Of course you will get paid to perform a visit for us at a dealership.

We have to visit car dealerships in the following cities:
Czech Republic: Plzen, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Kladno, Ostrava-Hrabová, Pardubice, Ustí Nad Labem, České Budejovice.

Slovak Republic: Badín, Bratislava, Komárno, Košice, Lučenec, Nitra, Prešov, Trenčín, Žilina.

If you are interested in performing a visit or you would like to have more information, please contact me via